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Award Winning Global Business Strategist, Entrepreneur, and Master Speaker Trainer. Fay has been been helping multinational corporations and global entrepreneurs create, launch and expand their brands on a global scale for over 30 years. Fay is a an MBA, Certified Yoga Instructor (ERYT), Meditation Teacher, Feng Shui Master, Reiki Practitioner, Buddhist Practitioner.

Fay's self care and health were always important to her not more so then in 2009.

When Fay's husband suffered a catastrophic brain stem stroke in 2009 she was faced with the challenge that needed to be addressed. A re evaluation of her life and career.

After years of spending the majority of her career across the globe she became housebound; caring for a her disabled husband, three children and both terminally ill in laws.

With finances dwindling and options limited Fay began her life as a business owner and entrepreneur allowing her the flexibility to continue to care for and financially support her family.

Her health centre, Yoga and Meditation Centre, consulting agency, online business strategies and connections brought Fay local, national and international guest speaking invitations.

Fay has spoken on the largest stages around the world and inspired thousands of organizations and individuals with proven strategies, that guarantee results even in the most difficult times.

Title Of Sessions:

Summit Opening Sessions
Buddhism in Nature
Speaking in the Forest
Emergency Self Care Strategies
Creating a Plan That Works

Summit Host


Award Winning Global Producer, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Master Podcast Trainer. From sales strategy to working with key business executives to marketing, Stacy was at the hub of it all.

Stacy is a Reiki Master & Indian Head Massage Practitioner.

Having spent hours in front of the computer searching and finding information on all things Autism after her son was diagnosed in 2008, she began her journey with holistic therapies primarily to help her own kids with their daily stress. She realized that helping individuals reach true relaxation was the key element in helping the human body heal itself.

She began studying Reiki followed by Indian Head Massage and found they not only helped her and her family, but they are great tools to help others in achieving balance within their body.

Stacy has worked with thousands of business owners through seminars, events, masterclasses and one-on-one training sessions.

Summit Host


Award Winning Entrepreneur, Web Designer, Multi Media Specialist, Speaker, and creator of One Red Lipstick. Spenser has been helping business launch from Idea to Scaling success!

Spenser is a a Certified Yoga Instructor (ERYT) & Singer/Songwriter.

My mom always used to tell me, wake up put on some lipstick and be ready for whatever the world brings your way.

I didn’t really understand what that meant until the world came crashing down around me.

My dad had a brain aneurysm in 2009 and it has now left him fully disabled.

Through my journey I have met incredibly talented women, all dealing with their own challenges, and all bravely moving forward to build their lives and businesses despite what was thrown at them. I wanted to tell their stories, and so I decided to make a film about them. One Red Lipstick is a film about their struggles, their truths, their success. This is their stories.

My hope is to inspire women from around the globe to achieve success in their live and their businesses, and to let those women know just how they succeed too! "Even when they don’t feel they ever will”.

I focus my talents on helping women launch their businesses, share their stories, and create impact through their visual presence online.

Summit Host


Award-Winning Entrepreneur, Christian Confidence Coach, Master Networking & Follow-up Trainer and Speaker.

Linda works with individuals and entrepreneurs, helping them to access and step into their confidence, in both life and business, to reach their success goals without the fear of anything holding them back ever again.

Linda is a Certified Coach, Master in NLP & Hypnosis.

After working 27 years in a factory, Linda ‘accidentally’ entered the world of entrepreneurism. Incredibly shy, with no business background and little self-esteem, she took a risk and retired with no idea where this new path would lead.

Through personal and professional development, she realized her natural skill for making connections, and with her deep understanding of how fear can hold you back from living your life, she journeyed into being in service of others.

Through Linda’s events, programs, training and coaching, she has helped thousands to step through their fears and into the life they want to love.

Summit Instructor


Che Marville is a transformational Wellness Expert, Coach, Facilitator, Certified International Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Corporate Wellness Pioneer and Podcaster. Che is Keynote Speaker known for bringing science and wellbeing together, and she believes strongly in the unlimited potential of all human beings. Most recently, in response to the pandemic, she has created the HR Limitless Road Map – a process for identifying and supporting sensitive human resource challenges.

Title of Session
Meditation and Learning How To Rewrite Your Life Story

Summit Instructor 


Alisha Carlson is a life and health coach for women specializing in a non diet approach to food, fitness, and life transformation. Using this approach she helps her clients ditch the dieter's mindset that keeps them stuck starting and stopping diet after diet and create a customized approach that works for their bodies and lives. She helps women heal their relationship to food, exercise, their bodies, and themselves.

Title of Session
Fit in the Forest: a body weight workout you can do anywhere

Summit Instructor 


Allison Sutter is an author, intuitive, and spiritual mentor. In addition to having taught for over 25 years in different areas of education and self-help, Allison's certifications include a CHEK Holistic Life Coach Level I and a Thinking Into Results Facilitator. The author of several self-help and children's books, she continually pursues her passion of creating new, inspiring educational content supporting those who are awakening spiritually. Her work has inspired thousands worldwide to trust their inner guidance as true North, to be confident and truly happy even in the midst of life's challenges, and use the power of authenticity to navigate the road to sustainable success.

Title of Session
5 Keys to Mastering Intuition

Summit Instructor 


Cristina has extensive experience and advanced training in the fields of Behavior Management, Emotional Intelligence, Stress Management and Self Confidence Building, Cristina is both US and UK certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, Sleep-Talk Consultant and Yoga teacher based in Canada having International experience. She knows you can easily achieve amazing things when there is harmony and balance between your mind, body and spirit, Cristina helps people to rediscover and use their maximum potential to change those things that are stopping them. This includes but is not limited to negative habits and unhelpful thinking to do with Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Eating Disorder, Habits, Stress Handling, Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, Panic Attacks, Grief, Broken Heart, Fertility and related problems.

Her clients say that Cristina is passionate about helping people to use resources they have hidden within their own minds so they feel more calm, more confident and more in control. Cristina believes you have the power within you to create the life that you want to lead. You can make your life as happy as you want it to be. Good health, loving relationships, self-confidence, career success, and fulfillment can be yours. All it takes is the choice to change and take that first step to call and make an appointment towards controlling your destiny. Cristina treats everyone as the unique individual you are. Cristina continues helping people from all walks of life on how to create the life they desire. And she loves it! 

Title of Session
Forest tapping to reconnect with nature and your success

Summit Instructor 


For over 30 years, Laurel has been entertaining and educating audiences on topics devoted to wellbeing. An outdoor enthusiast and avid gardener, Laurel has discovered numerous strategies that helped her navigate through back to back traumas. Laurel engages audiences with her playful, joyful spirit and infectious laughter and both young and old are captivated and inspired by her content-rich performances! ​ Laurel is the Founder of The Little Wellness Company Inc., in support of corporate wellness. She has developed numerous trademarked programs including Vino 'N Visions™, Meditating Munchkins™, Crazy For Crystals™, Yay!Yoga!™ and Dream R.E.A.L. Big™.

Title of Session
Wild and Well

Summit Instructor 


Retired from a hectic corporate (and personal life) as a business lawyer, teacher and coach, Lise Pratte, is now dedicated to help humans who encounter violence and traumas and bring them peace of mind in their personal journey.

Title of Session
Natural Therapy with Horses In The Forest

Summit Instructor 


As an international business and leadership coach Maggie Perotin gives service-based entrepreneurs clarity and tools to exceed their business goals and transform into high-performing CEOs of their business. Through her DREAM-PLAN-DO coaching model, Maggie helps her clients align their mindset, business strategy and high-performance habits to transform their business from unreliable source of income to a client attracting gem. Maggie is a host of the Diamond Effect podcast. She has over 14 years of coaching and leadership experience. She holds an Executive MBA from Jack Welch Management Institute Maggie Perotin lives in Canada, Toronto area, with her blended family with 4 kids. She loves spending time in nature, where she gets lots of inspiration for her business. She also loves traveling, reading, dancing and good food.

Title of Session
How to Grow a Thriving Nature-Inspired Business

Summit Instructor 


Renay is a Midlife Transformation Specialist and Founder of Nourish to Live Rx. She provides one-on-one and group coaching and facilitates community wellness workshops using clean eating, self-care, and mindset principles. She helps midlife women confidently navigate the menopause minefield so that they feel amazing and thrive for the rest of their lives. She has helped clients change their relationship with food, experience lasting results, and feel amazing!

Title of Session
The Science of Sleep - Why It's Important and How to Achieve a Good Night's Rest

Summit Instructor 


Jaye Graham not only brings over 27 years of education, experience and providing leadership as a Lifestyle and Movement Educator/Coach, she is also has a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Martial Arts. Utilizing her extensive background as a certified CALA (Canadian Aquafitness Leaders Alliance) Trainer/Assessor/Instructor, AquaStretch provider, and certified personal trainer, she recognized a gap in the health care system for individuals recovering from physical issues such as auto accidents, injuries, surgeries, ageing, and degenerative conditions. Jaye decided to combine her knowledge utilizing the healing properties of the water with holistic care concepts for individuals in a therapy pool setting for water therapy/water rehabilitation, therefore, creating H2O Works Canada in Sept 2010. During her career, she’s been fortunate to be a National Presenter in her field, achieved numerous awards from the University of Guelph for her work and became a recipient of the Woman of Distinction for Guelph in Health and Wellness. Jaye also has competed International in her Martial Arts form for Team Canada. Jaye also has a growing online Health and Wellness business and is the creator of Jaye What’s Up. She loves networking and meeting amazing new people while fostering those friendships. As a single family, Jaye enjoys hosting international students with her cats Buster and Password + is a proud mom of two amazing young adult children.

Title of Session
Ai Chi/Tai Chi/Martial Arts Fusion: Guide to a Holistic Connection

Summit Instructor 


Carolyn is the Founder and Visionary of Women With Vision Mastermind. She is an in-demand Speaker, Global Executive Coach, and Author.
Carolyn works with women to identify their big goals, create strategies, systems, a plan, and the confidence to make their dreams a reality while achieving flexibility in their high-performance lives. With 20+ years’ experience, Carolyn is an expert at helping her clients achieve clarity and purpose in their vision, communication, and leadership. Founder of the "I Am The Boss" conferences and creator of her highly sought-after systems “Women with Vision Master Mind, Success Board System, Big Vision Bigger Success, and The Trifecta Sweet Spot". Carolyn is the go-to expert on steering you to reach your business goals in half the time expected! Carolyn’s purpose is to help women, organizations, and groups, overcome obstacles and align their vision, leadership style, and communication to reach their big goals and catapult their business.

Title of Session
Is Your Vision Big Enough?

Summit Instructor 


Melissa is a true healer, physically, energetically, and spiritually. For many years, Melissa sensed her angels and guides around her. Intuitively, she has received messages through channeling, and regularly shares, records, and publishes the messages and guidance that she receives. This work has helped many receive comfort and light while on their Light Path Transition. No one is alone and it is Melissa’s passion to ensure that all who are in pain, know that there is always someone looking over them, whether here or beyond, and are helping them heal at a soul level.

Melissa is a Spiritual Channeller, Spiritual Coach, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, Psychic Medium/Channeler and Essenian Healer. Melissa has trained as a Reiki Master, Registered Practical Nurse, and a Medical Office Assistant. She is a contributing writer for a Beautiful Life magazine and speaks on many topics to sharing the knowledge that we are all one and we are all connected within our heart-opening awareness.

 Title of Session
Opening Up To Your Intuition and Awareness Through Meditation and Channeling in Nature

Summit Instructor 


I have finally discovered my soul purpose. It took many experiences to come to a place in life where I live my joy, my dream life and I love sharing my expertise. Ann Landers was my hero and I always wanted to be Elizabeth Montgomery, I am Magically Practical, your Dream Agent. I have been playing with Tarot since I was a teenager, read with my sister, becoming more confident as I read for friends over the years, and finally deciding that my talents in understanding the emotions, fears, joys.... need to be of service to all who seek guidance. The cards quickly show me the "blocks" that hold you stuck in a limiting pattern. Using my intuition along with my strategic mind several options to move forward emerge offering you many choices to move into the life you dream of. I love watching the wheels of possibilities float through your mind as we chat about your challenges, your dreams, your prospects for a future you never have to escape. A reading with me is about validation and confirmation of you!

Title of Session
Intuition with Tarot

Summit Instructor 


Sonal Raje is a go to spiritual breakthrough coach, for people who are ready for a spiritual practice but don’t know where to start. Her expertise as an award winning artist and certifications in holistic healing modules has culminated in developing programs that contribute to wellness and empowerment.
Through her signature framework, “The Soul Express” she leads a journey of spiritual discovery.
The three phases of this journey are Connection with your energy, Expression of your life purpose and Expansion of awareness.
She teaches her programs through online courses and personal coaching.
Her art is infused with spiritual healing and the energetic power of colour, and available as home decor, attire and accessories.

 Title of Session
Forest Art Quest: The Tree of Life Project

Summit Instructor 


I am Katie from Peaceful Pine Wellness with over a decade of experience as a Yoga Teacher, Forest Therapy Guide, and Naturalist. I am passionate about healing people and the planet through natural modalities.

Certified Forest Therapy Guide, Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher (Restorative Yoga, Yoga in Nature, Haha Yoga, Mediation, Sound Healing, Grief Yoga), Healing with Plants Tea Ceremony and Intuitive Plant Journeys.

Title of Session
Intuition with Tarot

Summit Instructor 


Leslie is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Master / Teacher, Certified Coach and NLP Practitioner.

After years of working in the corporate world, surrounded by stressed out colleagues and executives, Leslie realized there was more to life than what she was doing and that she was NOT following her passionate, her life’s purpose. But what was her purpose? What was her true passion? And so began her journey. A journey of self-discovery; an inward journey, rediscovering her true, authentic self. Through this discovery, Leslie was led back to hypnosis, something she had studied in college for a brief period. However, the impact of what she learned had always stayed with her and it was through this reminder of the power of the unconscious mind that Leslie began her studies in hypnotherapy.

Leslie strongly believes that we all have everything we need within us to achieve anything we set our minds to, sometimes we just need the reminder to reconnect with our true, authentic selves. Through her practice, Leslie gently guides her clients to this realization, helping them to move from doubt to doable!

Title of Session
Activate Your Inner Healing - Connecting with the Elementals

Summit Instructor 


Kathleen Gander has been a Sexual Wellness Educator for over eight years and has helped many women overcome their sexual inhibitions. After a successful career in the corporate world, Kathleen wanted to empower women to be all they can be which includes their sexuality. As a Sexual Discovery Coach, she can assist you too in enhancing your sexual self to the levels you desire. As an avid learner, Kathleen draws on many resources to also continue her personal growth in all things sexiness.

Title of Session
Embodiment - A Self Love Discovery

Summit Instructor 


Kristen is a Holistic Nutritionist, Pilates Teacher, Mindset Mentor with 3 decades in the wellness industry. Her mission is to “redefine the aging process” through an undiet approach leading families back to foundational healthy living. Kristen educates using various platforms. She was a host and guest on various health shows on her local TV network. Her love for corporate wellness opened doors to various corporations like PepsiCo, McDonalds, Proctor & Gamble and Kellogg's speaking and educating staff on various health initiatives to improve employee wellness. Kristen 's philosophy stands true today "Health is Wealth". When you have your health you have a thousand dreams but when you don't you only have one. She's the woman that can help you take your health to an entirely new level, it just starts with saying YES to you!!

Title of Session
Nutrition Secrets for the Fast Paced Lifestyle

Summit Instructor 


I am the leading expert in Money Management. I help individuals manage their finances so they can have clarity with their money and make key financial decisions easier using my 4 minute tracking system.

Title of Session
Seeds to Financial Abundance

Summit Instructor 


Christina attended her first ashtanga yoga class in 2001, and immediately fell in love. She had more energy and felt cleansed afterwards. She found herself returning for more.

Over the next 10 years, she fell in and out of practice. After years of sitting at a desk, she felt overworked, stressed, and less able to move with ease. She started meditating and attending yoga a few times a week. Coming back to yoga, felt like coming home. As she practiced, she became less stressed and more at ease in her body and her mind. Seeking to deepen her practice, Christina signed up for a 250-hour teacher training. The training was transformational, reigniting her passion for yoga. Wanting more, the next year she enrolled in an advanced teacher training. This course focused on therapeutic elements of yoga, including Ayurveda, philosophy and working with people of all ages and abilities. As Christina’s practice evolved, she discovered she held a deep desire to share the many benefits of yoga with others... And so, Soma Yoga and Wellness was born.

Christina Sjoberg is an Ayurvedic Health Coach and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Christina leads wellness programs that bring together the habits of yogis with behavioural science to help people lose weight, move more, balance their emotions and feel better in their bodies and minds. She also regularly teaches in-person and online classes to students around the world. Each class is carefully crafted with precise cueing and clear demonstration so students can follow along from wherever they are.

Title of Session
Align with Nature's Rhythms for Vibrant Health

Summit Instructor 


Over the past 25 years or so, I followed the Moon as she made her way around the earth. It was said - make wishes on the New Moon and let go on the Full Moon. My wishes were sometimes answered but in most cases were not. What was I doing to get these results?

I dug deeper and found someone well versed in Astrology and even more in the happenings of the Moon. She had a course that I undertook. Studied and learned what was required. Now I have the basics of the science down and can use it with my intuition and experience. The results have been fabulous for myself and others who have decided to follow this protocol.

I am now teaching others to work their own magic. Moon work is a portion of my training as an Energy Medicine Practitioner. During these past 25 years I have broadened my practice to include Essential Oils and BodyTalk all while keeping true to the Celtic and Native Traditions I had integrated into my life. May you now look up at Grandmother Moon and know that she is shining for you.

Title of Session
Manifesting with the Moon - It is in you

Summit Instructor 


Alison is on a journey in uncovering the power of the mind and spirit connection. Once a stay home mom, Alison Davies is now an Inspirational Speaker and Board Designated Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnotherapy. After she shattered many of her own limiting thoughts and beliefs, she knew she had to share this with other healers. She is passionate about teaching and guiding healers to see and strengthen their healing gifts that already exists inside of them. To step into their Magic.

When Alison isn't changing lives with her inspirational trainings and client work, she celebrates having a messy and authentically fabulous life with her loving husband (Mike), 2 children (Maria and Alex), and her 2 golden retrievers (Sophie & Maui) in the burbs of Toronto, Canada. Alison is reminded daily by her special abilities daughter, Maria, that limitations exist only in your own mind. That focus and belief led Maria to compete and medal in the first special Olympics category for the Worlds' Competition in Cheerleading. The message that all humans need and deserve to feel valued, without judgment is a family motto and key to Alison's work.

Alison's core belief is that when you shine your light inward, your light illuminates brighter and brighter which gets echoed back to you.

Title of Session
Drop the Overwhelm and Lean into Calm

Summit Instructor 


My name is Yvonne Cote and I am a leading expert in all things Angels! I help overwhelmed people get unstuck by harnessing the power of angelic guidance, moon energy and color frequency so that they can they can bring peace, harmony, and clarity back into their lives.

Title of Session
Angels, Flowers and Feathers in the Forest

Summit Instructor 


Emmy Rousseau, Warrior of Love, is the founder of Trinity Transformations and the Holistic Healing Hub. She empowers changemakers to go from feeling flat to in flow, so that they can create the change in the world they were born to make. Emmy is passionate about helping others realize that self-love is selfless, not selfish. She is here to help us see how putting ourselves first helps us serve not only ourselves, but also the world best. She does that through speaking, mentoring visionaries, and leading intenSati Spiritual Fitness classes online.

Her accolades include: Speaker Slam Certified Silver Inspirational Speaker and 2021 Grand Slam competition finalist. She is the winner of the 2022 PARO Pitch competition, was awarded Top 3 in the She Did It! Pitch Fest, Top 100 in the Total Mom Pitch in 2022, and is a nominee for the Universal Women’s Network™ 2022 Women of Inspiration™ Awards.

Emmy is a certified teacher of 22 years, transformational speaker, Emerging Speakers: Visionary Voices Club Mentor, activist, fitness instructor and co-author of the upcoming book, Our Yellow Brick Road. Emmy loves speaking at local and international conferences, summits, retreats, on podcasts and to corporate audiences to share her teachings and learnings.

Title of Session
Self-Full, Not Selfish: Eradicating the Stigma of Self-Love

Summit Instructor 


Milli Fox is obsessed with all things self-worth and manifestation. Think Brené Brown meets Gabby Bernstein with a sprinkle of goofy on top. Milli’s super power is her ability to clearly see women in all their divine perfection and to reflect that back to them. She has a vision for each woman she works with and helps them manifest that vision. Milli has been called to live a big, bold life of luxury in order to expand what women believe is possible for them. She aims to raise the collective consciousness and heal generational trauma (emotionally, physically and spiritually) through her coaching, programs and internet dance parties. Milli is a published author and voracious reader- who is currently writing the next NYT bestseller on Manifestation.

Title of Session
How to Manifest More Harmony Into Your Life & The World

Summit Instructor 


Sam is the ultimate ‘Guide by your Side’ removing the barriers that sabotage your success!

With over 10 years experience transforming peoples lives, Sam brings clarity and purpose forward so they make more informed and better life decisions. With unparalleled expertise in Chinese Metaphysics, Sam assists people through their life transitions, career redirects, home harmonizing, optimal office workflow, staff alignment and corporate stratagems. Voice of the mind-blowing QiProSam Podcasts, informative blogs, inspirational videos and mentor to aspiring consultants, Sam lives in Victoria, British Columbia. She loves skiing, hiking, reading and spending time with her amazing children Mackenzie & Spencer, and challenges herself to meet someone new each day! After all, a stranger is simply a new friend not yet discovered…With a zest for life, she is inspired by a favourite quote from Oscar Wilde: “Success is science. If you have the conditions, you get the results” and she strives to help people attain those conditions so they may live their life at full potential! A rebel by nature, Sam believes that you must be your authentic self, after all, Oscar also said: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken…”

Today’s world is constantly shifting, evolving and pushing our personal and business visions into new territory. We are wise to move forward and embrace the unknown, for that is where the true magic lies...

Do yourself a favour and make your life easier with Sam’s guidance as once you experience ‘A Sam’ in your world, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one…

Title of Session
How Your Birth-Date Shapes Your Future & Why You Need To Harness Its Power

Summit Instructor 


North American born and raised Rich Life Strategy Guru Anita Heidema is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, health advocate, podcast host, and TV personality. Together, they will guide you toward a simple, deeply meaningful way of living.

Internationally renowned, multi-lingual, Italian-born and raised Chef Dario Tomaselli is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, professor for Italian Culinary Post Diploma International Program, and TV personality.

While conducting a culinary retreat together, Anita & Dario discovered that combining his passion for cooking and her mindset coaching resonated with culinary gourmet visionaries & foodies and created a transformative experience. In that one magical evening, O’Live Your Life was born. Anita and Dario became a unique, exciting lifestyle brand couple, bringing new approaches to a fully-lived life. Respected by the 40+ generation for their wisdom and expertise, they are also relatable to a younger generation who want to “be in the know,” learn and embrace a simpler, more meaningful way of life, and also stay connected.

There is a common thread that we all share, one that ties us together, and that is the connection between the heart, soul, earth, and food.

It’s Anita & Dario’s passion, and they’d like to share it with you. Food & cooking is a connector and they have discovered themselves, as cooking and traveling together deepened their relationship in so many ways.

Title of Session
Life a Mediterranean Lifestyle (Not a Diet) for Health & Happiness

Summit Instructor 


Isabelle is French and has been living in Quito, Ecuador since 2009. After living 14 years in England, she did a tour in South America back-packing on her own and fell in love with Ecuador, now her true home. She studied trade business and worked in different industries but the last company she worked for in England had a philosophy which impacted her. All the key jobs were managed by women. It did inspire her and she decided to become a Women's Empowerment Coach. She created her company Fenix Coaching & Training and hosts a weekly talk-show where she invites international coaches, experts on self-development.

She uses her caring and intuitive listening skills to help women shed light on their blocks, their fears, their negative patterns. By accompanying them on a magical journey of discovery & introspection, they can reclaim their true selves and rise to conquer the world.

Title of Session
Draw your tree of life to communicate better in family

Summit Instructor 


Jen René is the founder of Ashtanga Central and a leading wellness expert. Jen specializes in meditation and Ashtanga Yoga making it accessible and fun for everyone. 

I've been teaching yoga and Pilates for almost 20 years. Although I've dabbled in most styles of yoga, my passion is Ashtanga Yoga. My practice and my teaching has been influenced by some of the best teachers of our generation. I do my best to always teach to the student in front of me - whether that person is on day one or year ten of practice.

I take a light-hearted and inconclusive approach to the discipline of yoga, making it a priority to bring joy to yoga. My biggest goal is to instill in students a devotion, faith and enthusiasm for the practice. I believe that yoga is for everyone – it can be  beautiful, but usually it’s much more of a beautiful mess.

Title of Session
Walking Meditation

Summit Instructor 


Lovemore shares her journey from Overworked and burnout chef to loving her self more and guiding others as a Coach to a self love lifestyle . She is the Creator and Team Leader of Lovemore Lifestyle Inc.. A mom who loves to chase Joy , bask in the abundance of Nature and on a mission to encourage others to live and lead through love and their unique light.

Title of Session
The Lovemore Nature & Self Care Mastery

Summit Instructor 


Change Agent | Inspirational Speaker | Community Advocate | Event Specialist | Producer | Host Victory Speaks Podcast | Author

Inspirational Speaker, Podcaster, Activist, Producer, Author and Event Planning Specialist, the multi-faceted Nicole Waldron works tirelessly for the advancement, progress, and prosperity of her community.

Passionate about the success of particularly future generations, she has worked to raise awareness on affordable housing issues with organizations such as Co-Operative Housing Federation of Canada.

The community advocate has also been passionate on issues related to Violence against Women, Mental Health, Sickle Cell Disease, and issues affecting the Black Community.

Nicole sits on various boards and committees that address these various issues. Her Victory Speaks Podcasts & Vidcasts inspires listeners to live a Life of Victory.

Nicole has been named 1 of the 100 Accomplished Black Canadian Women, along with being named 1 of the 150 Women in HerStory in Black by “How She Hustles.”
She is the recipient of the 2020 Brian Burch Community Service Award from the Co-Cooperative Housing Federation of Toronto, the Outstanding Community Service Award from Dance Caribe and the Social Housing Service Corporation Kathleen Blinkhorn Award for Excellence in Volunteerism.

Title of Session
A mother’s heart – A Caregivers Journey and Mental Health

Summit Instructor 


Kirsten support spiritually-minded souls give themselves permission to validate and honour their sacred-self. To articulate their boundaries, needs and values with love. Shift their perceptions to experience their wholeness and know they are not broken or need to be fixed!

Title of Session
RECLAIM YOUR LIFE; Energy, Clarity, Focus & Life Agenda

Summit Instructor 


Tanya Otterstein-Liehs is an authoritative expert on Self-Care, Self-Love, and Mindset Coach, and is a Certified Fitness Coach, who has been featured on Rogers Tv, Worldly Podcasts, and has been quoted in magazines. She’s a Motivational Speaker, Co-Author, host of two podcast shows and has a YouTube channel.

Tanya transforms the lives of introverted women by coaching them on the importance of self-care, and self-love, and provides the how-tos of revamping and creating a positive mindset and outlook on life. Globally supporting, motivating, and inspiring women to become empowered, positively shift their mindset, and include self-care into their daily lifestyle.

Her teachings and messages allow women to finally release their self-inner critic, gain self-confidence, self-love, and self-worth, and finally love their own reflection. Gone are the fears, excuses, and guilt for opening up space and making vital Life Dependent "ME" time every day. Tanya runs an Online Self-Care Mastermind Program for Women, is a keynote presenter, facilitates support groups for Women CEO’s, has an online group community for women, and offers in-house and Online Self-Awareness Workshops for businesses.

Title of Session
5 Simple Ways to Shift Your Mindset from Self-Critic to Self-Loving

Summit Instructor 


Erin McCarthy, Ph.D. is a Unified Mindfulness Lead Coach and Teacher/Trainer, IMTA Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Professional Level, award winning professor emerita, author, and mama of twin tweens. Trained in several different mindfulness modalities, she knows first hand the transformative power of mindfulness and self-compassion to help women heal from stress, anxiety and  trauma - be it physical, emotional or mental. Not only has Erin studied both the theory and the practice, but mindfulness and self-compassion has transformed her own life. These tools, strategies and practices have helped Erin bounce back from burnout, deal with pain, live with post-concussion symptoms, quiet her inner critic and find more balance in her life. There isn’t a day that goes by when she doesn’t use these tools, and she’s committed to helping her clients experience the transformative power these practices can offer. In her classes and with her 1:1 clients she uses a trauma informed approach to help people heal and become their most calm, confident, capable selves.

Title of Session

5 Days To Fabulous In The Forest

5 Powerful Days